My contribution to building a community in this online class

The way that I have contributed to the classroom community
in this online class is that I have participated in the discussion board. When
replying to my peer’s post I have been respectful to others point of views and
supplied reflective comments and questions to further their thinking. I did not
at any time write anything that would hurt someone or that was inappropriate. I
have really grown from reading others comments to my post and I have enjoyed
all that I have learned from this class.

The way that I could have contributed more towards community
building is that I should have participated more in the discussion beyond what
was required of me. I feel that I could have complemented my peers more on some
of their post. I found that I get so caught up in following the rubric that I
forget to tell people what a great job they did. It is always nice to hear what
someone else liked about what you had to say.

I feel that I do learn more in a community. The more people
involved the more perspectives you have on different subjects.  It is interesting how we all read the same material but we all come up with different thoughts about what it means to each of us. When reading over other students post I have realized that there are things that really stuck out to them that I missed when reading and I have also found that sometimes they may have interpreted the material different giving me a new
perspective. It is also lifts my sprits when the instructor or someone else in
the class leaves me a positive comment.

In learning communities “Students and teachers feel more
connected and part of a community.”

In Profiles in caring: Teachers who create learning
communities in their classroom list “five characteristics that describe schools
that have become learning communities:”

  • Staff have a shared sense of purpose; they pour
    their hearts into teaching
  • Norms of collegiality, improvement, and hard
    work underlie relationships
  • Rituals and traditions celebrate student
    accomplishments, teacher innovation, and parental commitment
  • Informal networks of storytellers, heroes, and
    heroines provide a social web of information, support, and history
  • Success, joy and humor abound

Fear is getting in the way of my learning!

I have found that there is so much to learn in order to become an excellent teacher. From the very first module I have come to respect and have a greater appreciation for teachers. I have really begun to question myself and wonder do I really have what it takes to become a teacher. I use to think that I did, I have always thought of myself as caring, patient person who wants to see people succeed. I have realized after this last module that, technology scares me! In middle school I was in a typing class and in high
school I had one computer class and that was Microsoft Word. The way that I
learn to use technology is that I have to have someone teach me how to use it. Since
I have not had any classes on creating a web site or ways to use a computer for
teaching, I am scared to death that I will not be able to use them properly.
With this module we are expected to create a web quest. I have to say after reading
through the information on how to do it I seriously thought about taking an
incomplete for this class. I have all these ideas in my head on what I would
like to include on my web quest but I feel so lost in that I have no idea how
to make it all come together.

Students cannot continue to learn in a 19th century class room. Times are changing and education should change with it. I know that technology is important to the learning process and that I need to come out of my comfort zone and learn how to use it weather I want to or not. It will not only benefit the students in the class room but in the long run it will benefit teachers. There is so much information out there and all we have to do is turn on our computers and it is there at our finger tips. In the video vision of
K-12 students today is starts off by saying that “students will use engaging technologies
in collaborative, inquiry, based learning environments with teachers who are
willing and able to use technology’s power to assist them in transforming
knowledge and skills into products solutions and new information.” This
statement says it all, “teachers who are willing and able to use technology”.
Over the last couple of days I have begun to think this over and wonder what
can I do to become willing and able. I think the first step would be to take
classes that will teach me how to use technology in the class room and to make
sure that I keep up on new things that are coming out. Receiving a Bachelor’s
degree in teaching is not the end of the learning process, it continues on, and
teachers need to continue teaching themselves, so that they are able to teach
their students and keep them current.

In the beginning of this course I was contemplating how to make learning fun, I found a web site that had some fun ideas, I saw this as a relief in that if I ever need ideas I
know where to go to find them. I have found a web site with 50 ways to use technology that I thought was interesting. It also as some interesting ideas in way to use technology that can be fun and expand students thinking.  I am not alone and just because I may not creative or have a extensive knowledge in technology does not mean I cannot become a teacher, it means that I know what my weakness are and I know what I need to improve in order to become an excellent teacher. I think that every teacher needs to have a love of learning and a love of teaching what they have learned to others. With this there are endless possibilities of what they can accomplish.

My vision for 21st century public education

My vision for the 21st century public education
would be that every student is recognized as an individual. The school would
not just prepare students for a test but allow them to explore and find what
they are truly interested in and are good at. Students would be prepared for
the real world, so that when they graduate or if they do not graduate they do
not find themselves wondering how they will make it in the world. It would give
every student the same opportunities, by giving schools that are in need of
money the money they need in order to give the students the supplies they need
to learn. If students are interested in theater the school could have theater
supplies. The students would be encouraged to think for themselves by not only
taking test but demonstrating what they have learned through presentations and
debates. Students can become engaged in learning and become more excited about

A school that I feel is exemplary and reflects my personal
vision is the urban academy school in New York City. The great thing about his
school is that it provides a second chance for those that have dropped out of high
school. The students have to complete a proficiency in order to be considered a
senior, and are used to show that the student can demonstrate that” they can
actually do something”.  Professors from nearby
universities go over the prophecies with the students and help them critique
it. The profecancys are used in place of a standardized test.

The other school that I selected is the Biotech Academy. This
school looks for students with grades of D and F because they know that they
can do the work but for some reason are not, and they want to find out why. The
teachers all work together to insure that they know every student and are helping
them reach their potential. Students learn through projects, activate, and
field trips. They also have partnership with different business which provided
the students mentors helping them with academics, and providing them with a
role models.

The greatest thing about these programs is that they helped
students realize that they can succeed and that they are worth it. Before starting
these programs some of the students thought that they would not have a future and
where ready to give up and drop out of high school. After attending these
schools they now realize that they do have a future and are ready to take on
the world. What a difference the right education can accomplish.  They also use local business and universities to help the students prepare for the future.

How I hope to teach in my future position

Philosophy is not a theory but an activity

How I hope to teach in my future position is that I want students to be excited about learning. I also want to treat every one of my students as if they are all important and are capable of learning. I need to be aware of their needs and help them overcome
any barriers that may be preventing them from learning.

I have found after reading about the different philosophy that I mostly agree with Progressivism. I think it is important to remember that every child learns differently and therefore should be taught differently. With progressivism it focuses on the child rather
than the subject matter. It focuses on teaching children how to take what they
have learned and apply it to everyday situations. I think that children should
learn basic information but should be taught it in a way that they will be able
to use it in their life. Education should not be about a teacher in front of
the class lecturing on a subject putting the class to sleep.

I recently started to think back to high school and have been disappointed in myself for not learning more. I love history and learning about how our country has changed and what has caused these changes but I have found that I do not remember what I learned in school. I don’t want to blame my lack of knowledge all on my teachers but I think that
if they would have made it more interesting I would have been able to learn and
remember more of it. I remember one of my history teachers would lecture the
whole hour, and I would try so hard to stay awake. I really wanted to learn but
it was so hard and he had a monotone voice that would put any one to sleep. I
feel that the classroom should be full of active learning, requiring class
participation. One way to make history more exciting is that the student can be
given a famous person or event to research. Then the students can then act out
what they have learned.

I also feel that the home environment contributes to a Childs learning. Maslow identified 5 key points and in order to reach the next step the bottom step needed to be obtained first. A child that is abused in the home will prevent them from having their physiological needs met and therefore prevent them from moving on. In other words prevent them from learning. I also could relate to the authors story in making waves in that
since he was not able to be in the “in group” he felt like he did not belong
and therefore made it impossible for him to reach the need to know stage. I can
relate to this because I was very shy in school and did not fit in at all.
Every day I would just sit in the corner of the classroom and try not to be
noticed. I hated school and dreaded going there. I did not start truly learning
until I was able to make friends. As a teacher I need to know each and every
child in my class and I need to find out what they may be lacking in their life
that may be preventing them from learning.

I really enjoyed the video that Dr. Gusa posted on the discussion board called a class divided.
I thought it was really interesting that when the students where on the top for the day they had a faster time going hrough the cards then on the day that they were wearing the collars. Wearing the collars had convinced them that they were inferior to the other eye color because she told them it was so. I just mostly related it more to the fact that
what a teacher or parent tells a child greatly affects the way they perceive
themselves. If a teacher or parent tells a child that they are worthless then
the child may start to believe it and not do well in school. This is known as Emotional
abuse “which is the constant belittling, criticizing, and pulling down of a child,
most often done verbally, damaging a child’s intellectual.”  Emotional abuse can scare a child for life, making them less likely to accomplish much with their life. On the other hand if the same child was told over and over again that they can do it and is given
encouragement then their attitude can change.

Every child in the classroom is important and deserves to be treated as an individual.  I need to become receptive to each of the children’s needs so that they can learn and develop self confidence to help them achieve their potential.



learning thus far

I have realized how much effort it takes to come up with a
lesson plan that will benefit everyone. I really enjoyed learning about
multiple intelligences. I have always looked at myself and thought that I was
not smart, but now I have realized that just because I don’t excel in all my
classes doesn’t mean that I am not smart. I found a web site called measuring intelligence that helps determine which intelligence a person is more developed in so that they can strengthen the intelligence that they are weak in. I found out that
the intelligences I am more developed in are intrapersonal, bodily and musical.
The intelligences that I am weak in are linguistic, visual, naturalist, and
Interpersonal. Using test like this at the beginning of a semester will help me
to get a basis of what the strengths of my students are and what their weakness

I always have known that everyone is different but I have
never thought about how this would be applied to teaching. I have begun to contemplate what the best course of action would be to teach everyone the same thing in a way that they will all be able to understand it. I know that what is being
taught should be meaningful and keep students motivated. If every one learns
different and have different interests, this can become complicated. I feel
less prepared now then when I started this class because I had a false idea of
how to teach. I know that in school when we had to do a presentation we all did
power point presentations. I have found that this is not the only way to
present information. With this method you can lose students attention. From all
of my readings I have found that the best method would be to apply the
information to real life experiences. I think this is important because what
students are learning in school should prepare students for life after school.
I have decided that the best way to measure how well students are doing in
school is not by test but to have them demonstrate by writing about what they
have learned, preparing presentations, classroom debates, and role play. If a
student is not demonstrating understanding I need to spend extra time with that
student and find out what the cause is.

I need to develop the social aspect of teaching in that I
need to be able to get out of my comfort zone and believe in myself so that I
can stand in front of a class room and teach.

module 2

After reading the material in this module I found my self a
little emotional. I started to think back on the teachers that impacted my life
for the good and the bad. I have found a greater appreciation for teachers and
what they do. I have to admit that I use to think teachers in preschool and Kindergarten
where glorified baby sitters. I have realized that they are so much more than
that. I realized after reading the chapter about different teachers the impact
they do have on children’s lives, and how much time they have to spend
preparing for class. A teaching job is not an 8-3 job it is a job that never
ends. My daughter is currently in Kindergarten. I have seen how much she has
changed since school began in the fall. My daughter is already able to sound out
words and is able to recognize her” popcorn” words that she has learned at

I also realized how
important it is to make learning fun and interesting. I learned some interesting
way to make learning fun from inspiring teacher’s web site.
If the teachers did not make leaning fun
my daughter would not be excited for school each day and sad when the weekend
comes. I really enjoyed the video that we watched what makes a
good teach I really started to understand and see a good teach in action. I
really respected the teacher that realized the children did not understand what
she was teaching and would stop realize it was her fault and tell them that .Then
she would come up with a different plan of action. I remember teachers that
would get frustrated with me because I did not understand something, and then I
would get discouraged and think there was something wrong with me because I did
not understand it.  I think it takes a
lot to admit when someone is wrong and to correct it.

I also realized that I am not doing my job as a parent. I
need to spend more time working with my children at home and not expecting the
teacher to teach them every thing. I learned from a newsletter for the
development and learning
, that I do not need to have a lesson plan, that I should use every day
interactions and show my children that I have a love of learning. I use to
think that I needed to plan out every day what I was going to teach them, if I
didn’t do this then I would get discouraged and not teach them anything.  I have found there is more for me to learn in
order to be a good teacher. As hard as this course has been so far for me I
have enjoyed learning what it means to be a teacher and look forward to
learning more.

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