How I hope to teach in my future position

Philosophy is not a theory but an activity

How I hope to teach in my future position is that I want students to be excited about learning. I also want to treat every one of my students as if they are all important and are capable of learning. I need to be aware of their needs and help them overcome
any barriers that may be preventing them from learning.

I have found after reading about the different philosophy that I mostly agree with Progressivism. I think it is important to remember that every child learns differently and therefore should be taught differently. With progressivism it focuses on the child rather
than the subject matter. It focuses on teaching children how to take what they
have learned and apply it to everyday situations. I think that children should
learn basic information but should be taught it in a way that they will be able
to use it in their life. Education should not be about a teacher in front of
the class lecturing on a subject putting the class to sleep.

I recently started to think back to high school and have been disappointed in myself for not learning more. I love history and learning about how our country has changed and what has caused these changes but I have found that I do not remember what I learned in school. I don’t want to blame my lack of knowledge all on my teachers but I think that
if they would have made it more interesting I would have been able to learn and
remember more of it. I remember one of my history teachers would lecture the
whole hour, and I would try so hard to stay awake. I really wanted to learn but
it was so hard and he had a monotone voice that would put any one to sleep. I
feel that the classroom should be full of active learning, requiring class
participation. One way to make history more exciting is that the student can be
given a famous person or event to research. Then the students can then act out
what they have learned.

I also feel that the home environment contributes to a Childs learning. Maslow identified 5 key points and in order to reach the next step the bottom step needed to be obtained first. A child that is abused in the home will prevent them from having their physiological needs met and therefore prevent them from moving on. In other words prevent them from learning. I also could relate to the authors story in making waves in that
since he was not able to be in the “in group” he felt like he did not belong
and therefore made it impossible for him to reach the need to know stage. I can
relate to this because I was very shy in school and did not fit in at all.
Every day I would just sit in the corner of the classroom and try not to be
noticed. I hated school and dreaded going there. I did not start truly learning
until I was able to make friends. As a teacher I need to know each and every
child in my class and I need to find out what they may be lacking in their life
that may be preventing them from learning.

I really enjoyed the video that Dr. Gusa posted on the discussion board called a class divided.
I thought it was really interesting that when the students where on the top for the day they had a faster time going hrough the cards then on the day that they were wearing the collars. Wearing the collars had convinced them that they were inferior to the other eye color because she told them it was so. I just mostly related it more to the fact that
what a teacher or parent tells a child greatly affects the way they perceive
themselves. If a teacher or parent tells a child that they are worthless then
the child may start to believe it and not do well in school. This is known as Emotional
abuse “which is the constant belittling, criticizing, and pulling down of a child,
most often done verbally, damaging a child’s intellectual.”  Emotional abuse can scare a child for life, making them less likely to accomplish much with their life. On the other hand if the same child was told over and over again that they can do it and is given
encouragement then their attitude can change.

Every child in the classroom is important and deserves to be treated as an individual.  I need to become receptive to each of the children’s needs so that they can learn and develop self confidence to help them achieve their potential.



learning thus far

I have realized how much effort it takes to come up with a
lesson plan that will benefit everyone. I really enjoyed learning about
multiple intelligences. I have always looked at myself and thought that I was
not smart, but now I have realized that just because I don’t excel in all my
classes doesn’t mean that I am not smart. I found a web site called measuring intelligence that helps determine which intelligence a person is more developed in so that they can strengthen the intelligence that they are weak in. I found out that
the intelligences I am more developed in are intrapersonal, bodily and musical.
The intelligences that I am weak in are linguistic, visual, naturalist, and
Interpersonal. Using test like this at the beginning of a semester will help me
to get a basis of what the strengths of my students are and what their weakness

I always have known that everyone is different but I have
never thought about how this would be applied to teaching. I have begun to contemplate what the best course of action would be to teach everyone the same thing in a way that they will all be able to understand it. I know that what is being
taught should be meaningful and keep students motivated. If every one learns
different and have different interests, this can become complicated. I feel
less prepared now then when I started this class because I had a false idea of
how to teach. I know that in school when we had to do a presentation we all did
power point presentations. I have found that this is not the only way to
present information. With this method you can lose students attention. From all
of my readings I have found that the best method would be to apply the
information to real life experiences. I think this is important because what
students are learning in school should prepare students for life after school.
I have decided that the best way to measure how well students are doing in
school is not by test but to have them demonstrate by writing about what they
have learned, preparing presentations, classroom debates, and role play. If a
student is not demonstrating understanding I need to spend extra time with that
student and find out what the cause is.

I need to develop the social aspect of teaching in that I
need to be able to get out of my comfort zone and believe in myself so that I
can stand in front of a class room and teach.