module 2

After reading the material in this module I found my self a
little emotional. I started to think back on the teachers that impacted my life
for the good and the bad. I have found a greater appreciation for teachers and
what they do. I have to admit that I use to think teachers in preschool and Kindergarten
where glorified baby sitters. I have realized that they are so much more than
that. I realized after reading the chapter about different teachers the impact
they do have on children’s lives, and how much time they have to spend
preparing for class. A teaching job is not an 8-3 job it is a job that never
ends. My daughter is currently in Kindergarten. I have seen how much she has
changed since school began in the fall. My daughter is already able to sound out
words and is able to recognize her” popcorn” words that she has learned at

I also realized how
important it is to make learning fun and interesting. I learned some interesting
way to make learning fun from inspiring teacher’s web site.
If the teachers did not make leaning fun
my daughter would not be excited for school each day and sad when the weekend
comes. I really enjoyed the video that we watched what makes a
good teach I really started to understand and see a good teach in action. I
really respected the teacher that realized the children did not understand what
she was teaching and would stop realize it was her fault and tell them that .Then
she would come up with a different plan of action. I remember teachers that
would get frustrated with me because I did not understand something, and then I
would get discouraged and think there was something wrong with me because I did
not understand it.  I think it takes a
lot to admit when someone is wrong and to correct it.

I also realized that I am not doing my job as a parent. I
need to spend more time working with my children at home and not expecting the
teacher to teach them every thing. I learned from a newsletter for the
development and learning
, that I do not need to have a lesson plan, that I should use every day
interactions and show my children that I have a love of learning. I use to
think that I needed to plan out every day what I was going to teach them, if I
didn’t do this then I would get discouraged and not teach them anything.  I have found there is more for me to learn in
order to be a good teacher. As hard as this course has been so far for me I
have enjoyed learning what it means to be a teacher and look forward to
learning more.